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Over the last few months I’ve seen various foreigners comment on Geert Wilders, claiming he is an “extreme liberal”. It’s all over his rhetoric – the suggestion that there is some sort of war going on between the “Free West” and the “totalitarian Islam”.

In fact, Mr. Wilders and his party (“The Party for Freedom”) is not quite the liberal he is made out to be. He is a proponent of freedom of speech only when it benefits him. He has argued that several books, including the Quran, should be banned. He generalizes and lumps together groups of people for no good reason (so much for individual freedom). He is a threat to civil liberties – he has proposed opening a “Guantanamo Bay” in the Netherlands as well as a ban on public display of religious signs. He wants ethnic registration, exclusion of immigrants based on religion and to make the (in his opinion) Judeo-Christian roots of the Netherlands part of the constitution. I don’t see what’s so “liberal” about any of these proposals.


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October 31, 2010 at 22:39

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