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I’ve spent the last two weeks hanging out in a hotel in the Dallas area with most of my coworkers. Despite the fact that Dallas is a pretty boring city it has been a very entertaining week. It’s amazing what meeting people in person does to your motivation and enthusiasm.

And Dallas is dull, really dull. Downtown doesn’t really exist (nothing significant, anyway) – it’s just one big suburban area. One thing that really surprised me was that despite the noticeable amounts of wealth, public infrastructure seems to be neglected – perhaps it’s the limited amount of tax that comes in? In a car-oriented state like Texas it is perhaps not a surprise that sidewalks don’t really exist but there also isn’t a lot of decoration in public spaces. It feels a lot like some of the neglected areas in Belgium – except that the private property actually does look neat and tidy over here.

The semi-vegetarian in me had a rough week. A lot of the meals were very meat-oriented. There were some new experiences there though. I had never tried soul food, but it was really good. Oh, and the thought of frying pickles never occurred to me, but it is actually quite tasteful.

One of my colleagues who is local was kind enough to invite us over for a BBQ at his house, and we spent some of the other evenings doing other Texas-y things: out to the gun range (I shot a HK USP 45 and some others shot rifles and uzis), to a rodeo, pubs and (okay, not typical Texas) the ice rink.


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January 21, 2011 at 05:02

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