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I can be really stupid and clumsy sometimes. On this trip I’ve taken a few night trains. When I wake up in one of those I am usually more, erhm, disoriented than normal. This has resulted in several misplaced items previously in my possession:

There’s the bottle of jenever I left in my Budapest hotel room. Hopefully my roommate will not mistake it for water and put it to good use.

Gatwick security (stupid air traffic safety rules) confiscated a can of deodorant I kept in my hand luggage.

There are a number of socks missing. I’m not sure how many exactly, or where I lost them, but there are at least two incomplete pairs. Maybe I just suck at packing.

Our conductor on the train from Budapest to München insisted on keeping our tickets with him during the night. I have had conductors insist on this before, but usually I can talk them out of it. This one wouldn’t bulge, and so when he returned my tickets to me in the morning (right before I snoozed out a few more minutes of sleep) I got them mixed up in my cushion and then left them on the train. New tickets for the rest of my journey: not cheap.


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May 15, 2011 at 01:24

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