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No matter how much space you have, there is always more stuff you can take along on the road. It’s not the needs that determine what to take along, but the space that is available. Anybody with some camping experience can tell you tell buying a bigger car doesn’t mean that next time it will be easier to fit everything in.

For years, I’ve used a big 70 liter backpack when I went away for more than a couple of days. It always filled itself pretty quickly with clothes – half a dozen pants (short and long), a t-shirt for each day and plenty of underwear and socks.

That backpack has seen its last days, and since I can no longer use it, I’ve fallen back to one of my other backpacks – a small one meant for mountain hiking, which fits only 30 liters. With the help of some ziplock bags (expensive but very well worth it), this works perfectly fine too, and I don’t have to carry such a big sack around. Another advantage is that the 30l bag fits in the overhead storage on airlines, which means no more waiting for (lost) checked luggage.


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November 6, 2011 at 02:52

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