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Some sort of lament (unfinished)

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I scribbled this on a piece of paper, hungover, sipping coffee alone in Z on a sunny Saturday morning a few weeks ago.

You caught my eye that morning
sitting across the room.
Watching me blabber about something.
I smiled at you
you smiled
because it was a sunny day?

In the evening, later
You came up to me
and sat across the table
sipping beer
We talked about the day
The nice people around us.

We discussed your research
and watched a friend
get a waitress's phone number
You said
I shouldn't be shy
I could get a phone number if I wanted to.

The topic drifted to places we'd been
the tourists in your home town
how many were from Hollandesa
and why.
You said Spanish girls like Dutch boys
I don't know.

You said it it was hard to hear me
from opposite the table.
So you sat next to me
Your lips next to my ear
Your face close
to mine.
It was a really loud bar.

Written by aristillus

October 20, 2012 at 15:09

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