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The Silver Hand by Stephen Lawhead

The second book in the series; well written, but nothing more (or less) than your average fantasy-with-fighting-Celts novel. Perhaps I’ve read too much of this stuff. I’m going to read the third and final novel in the Paradise War series just to feel content with myself for having finished the trilogy, but I don’t have any high hopes for how that will turn out.

Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Great satirical novel about the life of a WW II veteran. I unintentionally brought this book with me to read during a stay in Dresden, and it so happens the Dresden bombings are featured prominently in Billy’s time flashes. So it goes.

Liar’s Poker by Michael Lewis

The writer narrates his experience as a bond salesman for Salomon Brothers on Wall Street during the mid- to late eighties. That there were excesses to capitalism wasn’t new to me, but it is interesting to know more about the culture and how the traders and salesmen actually work. It’s shocking how little they actually understand of what they’re trading, and how ruthless they are in the face of money.

This book assumes the reader is familiar with a whole host of financial products; you might want to read up on CMOs and the like if you’re not familiar with them.

Een goede man slaat soms zijn vrouw by Joris Luyendijk

Luyendijk writes about his time studying in Cairo and his experience exploring the differences between the west and Islam. It gives a good impression of the atmosphere and is a quick and fun read. I wonder how different his book would have been if it had been written post-9./11.

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