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It’s been a while. Unfortunately my time for reading these days seems to be limited to the 30 minutes I spend on the tube each day.

Love in the time of cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

Garcí­a Márquez describes the tragedy of life-long unrequited love.

A well written book, as you would expect from the writer of 100 years of solitude. It has all the nice little details that make the story come alive. I found it hard to like the two main characters; they’re both selfish to the extreme, obsessive and Florentino combines that with an almost catholic form of self-mortification. Yep, seems fairly realistic.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Together with 1984 this is perhaps one of the two 20th century novels about dystopian societies. Huxley paints a picture of a world in which there is bland, drug-aided happiness, eradicated of any expression that might upset the delicate balance that is keeping the populace calm and drowsy. The book heavily features eugenicist ideas and narcotics, which is understandable considering the time in which it was written. These days, what Savage calls the Brave New World seems a lot more outlandish than the world ruled by Big Brother in 1984.

I’m not sure which of the two I would prefer: passionate but suppressed or dozed and happy.

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