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Climate change and science

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When the “Climate Gate” emails were leaked a couple of months ago I did some browsing. I couldn’t find the malicious intent that the scientists involved have been accused of, but there is a worrying lack of transparency as well as some incompetence. I can understand the requirement to have measurement results “cleaned up” in order to be usable, but it should always be clear what the raw source data was and how it has been manipulated.

Last weeks’ The Economist had a nice special about climate change. One of its opinion pieces does a good job of describing the current situation and reflects my views. Global warming is very real and man plays some role in it, but some of the climate research is clearly shoddy and more transparency is necessary. Climate research has never had much appreciation or funding until global warming roared its head; perhaps the fact that it is a relatively underdeveloped field is a factor here?


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July 20, 2010 at 01:25

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