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Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I like being in the sky, free as a bird, hanging under a kite or a couple of hundred kilograms of plastic. I detest travelling by jet engine airplane.

I hate waiting for security checks, for boarding, for customs, for luggage, for delayed flights.

I hate being squeezed into an uncomfortable chair with not enough leg room, in a small aluminum tube with several hundred other grumpy people.

I hate the conditioned low-quality air in jets. It causes that annoying greasy feeling on your skin and makes you feel like you badly need a shower.

I hate the impact the extravagant kerosene consumption has on the environment.

I hate having to plan my travel around pre-booked non-changeable flights.

I hate having to spend hours of layovers on airports with overpriced kiosks, fast food chains and book stores that sell nothing but John Grisham paperbacks.

I hate the silly security checks at airports. I hate having to take off my shoes and belt every time I go through a checkpoint. I hate having to watch what I pack to prevent my drinks or tools from getting confiscated. I hate having said items confiscated when I inevitably forget.

I hate jet lag.

Yet – for the moment – you will still find me in one of these metal tubes every couple of weeks. There is only one good thing about modern air travel: it gets you places, fast and cheap.


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January 6, 2013 at 19:02

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Learning to fly

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Jumping out of an aeroplane with nothing more than a parachute on your back is a fucking amazing experience. It’s not just the kick, the adrenaline rush of the jump. Even better is the feeling of ultimate freedom as you’re hanging under the canopy, feeling nothing but air and surrounded by an amazing view. It’s usually almost quiet, except for the gentle sound of flapping sliders.

Last week I had the opportunity to take the yoke of a small Piper for a little over an hour. A good friend of mine is taking flying lessons and I had a chance to tag along and do some flying of my own. It was absolutely brilliant. Very much unlike flying a parachute but great in its own way. I fear I may just have found myself another expensive hobby.

One of the other things I would like to try at some point is fly a hangglider. Maybe the next time I am in the US.

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September 29, 2010 at 13:56