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Astrology in newspapers (part 43 of too many)

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I took a trial subscription on NRC Next, the edition of the NRC Handelsblad paper targeted at the internet generation. In other words: a daily newspaper in tabloid format with lots of short articles, and more articles on Hip New Thingsā„¢ than its parent publication. The NRC has the name of being a high quality news paper, so I was quite surprised and annoyed to discover a rather bad article on astrology today.

Granted, it’s a slow news week and technically their article was about an astrology society, but that doesn’t mean a proper journalist shouldn’t at least ask some hardline questions. Instead what they printed was an easy human-interest interview in which the astrologers get the opportunity to make unsubstantiated claims about how wonderful their nonsense is.


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August 24, 2010 at 00:51

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